Since 2000 we have been operating in this profession, inherited from our grandfathers, with more than 20 years of experience in olive cultivation. In our adventure of bringing the most natural and healthiest products to the consumer, we aim to reach the best with the passion and determination of acting with the excitement of the first day. Our biggest goal is to maintain and improve the quality we constantly observe while using the latest technology machines and the latest techniques.

In our products where we blend traditional production techniques with technology, we have reached the first quality olive and olive oil with the support we receive from agriculture and food engineers. Our olives and olive oils are produced completely organically and the sensitivity we show in this regard is at the highest level. We have no doubt that you will smell the olive leaves from our untouched products. We make sure that the olives collected naturally in our boutique production period are passed through the correct processes under hygienic conditions.

Our olives, carefully picked from nearly 4000 trees in the Gemlik and Karacabey, which are the best quality olive fields in Bursa province, are our main source of olive and olive oil production. We are happy to present you our olive and olive oils that we produce in accordance with our clean and healthy agriculture principle.