Olive Harvest

We start the olive harvest before the grain turns from green to black. We obtain better quality olive oil by hand-picking olive grains with early harvest without being beaten from the tree. If the olive falls to the ground and remains for days, the flesh of the grain spoils, and it affects the quality of the oil to be extracted from it negatively. For this reason, we collect olives at frequent intervals. The grains collected in small baskets are then transported to our factory with wooden baskets.

As Prolive, we wash the olive grains before processing and remove the various dirt on them. We process the collected olives in our facility within 8-10 hours without waiting too long. Otherwise, olives kept in the open will be fermented. The acidity of Prolive Olive Oil is low beca use we make early harvest. In addition, Prolive olive oil has a delicious color and aroma.

Olive Processing

First of all, Prolive is producing olive oil in a continuous production with the technology and the appropriate techniques. Washed and cleaned olives are "crushed " into pulp with suitable quality crushers in a closed environment with a non-violent method. The Pulp is taken into kneading containers through a pipe and a pump. Here, the most important part of Prolive Olive Oil is the malaxation stage. These vessels, called malaxers, are the section where hot water circulates on the wall and contains a mixer.

The purpose of mixing and cold pressing is to break the wall that surrounds the oil molecules in the olive paste (all liquids have this wall) and to gather the fragmented molecules together. For this process to take place, Prolive keeps the pulp temperature at 27 C. These temperatures creates a suitable environment for molecules. The increase in the temperature of the pulp causes the substances that are most valuable for human health in olive oil to be destroyed in various ways. Phenolic structures makes olive oil valuable which are volatile. They fly at temperatures above 30 C and separate from the oil. As Prolive we are make sure of phenol safety. Because the human body does not produce phenols (eg omega) and must be taken from outside. Prolive Olive Oil is the richest phenolic product with enzymes among all products.

Result: Perfection

As a result of all these stages, we reach olive oil with a very high polyphenol, which has not lost its antioxidant character. Prolive Olive Oil with its unique smell, is produced in a healthy way. We offer Prolive Olive Oil to you by processing olives produced using organic production techniques in our high technology factory. Bon appetit