What is Cold Press? Why Cold Pressed?

One of the important issues in olive oil production is the use of cold pressing technique. Cold pressing is the production of olive oil at a water temperature below 27-28 degrees. With the early harvest, the acid rate of olive oils produced by cold pressing, approaches to 0 . The acid rate in olive oil is a numerical expression showing the spoilage value of the oil. In other words, the lower the acid rate, the more natural and healthy olive oil is.

The importance of cold pressing emerges at this point. It is the phenolic structures in olive oil that make it healthy and natural. Phenols are volatile. They are separated from the oil by flying at temperatures above 30 degrees. According to scientific studies conducted around the world, it is accepted that as the phenol ratio in olive oil increases, this olive oil becomes more healthier. Also, phenols cannot be produced by the human body. For this reason, the amount of phenol required by the human body is met with the correct use of olive oil.

Prolive produces olive oil with cold pressing technique by passing through the correct processes of olives obtained with early harvest. Thus, the rate of olive oil we produce is very low. As a result of laboratory analysis, the acid ratio of Prolive Olive Oil is in the range of 0.2-0.5. In this way, Prolive Olive Oil consists of the healthiest and most natural oils produced in a completely hygienic way.

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