What is Olive Kernels? In Which Sectors Is It Used?

Olive kernel is a raw material extracted from olives and used in many sectors. Its use is widespread, but its production is limited worldwide. For this reason, as the demand for olive seeds increases, their prices increase. When used as a fuel, it has been observed that the kernel is both an environmental friendly and a nature friendly fuel type. The most important feature of the fuel obtained from the olive pit is that it leaves less than 40 kgs of ash (waste) in 1 ton. Apart from the fuel sector, it is preferred to be used in the cosmetic field. Another area where olive pits are used is bioplastic production. Olive kernels, which are used as raw material in bioplastic production, which is aimed to be environmentally friendly alternatives that can be dissolved in nature, is also in great demand in this field.

The olive seed, which is in high demand from Greece, Spain and Germany, is exported by Prolive. It also ensures that domestic needs are met. We produce annually a thousand ton as Prolive. We carry the olive kernels we produce with big bags.

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